It’s on like Donkey Kong!!!

Let’s mess with Texas!!!

Make sure you all watch the USC Trojans win an unprecedented third straight national title tonight on ABC at 5 PM PST, the Rose Bowl presented by CITI.


About USCTrojan4JC

God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

8 responses to “”

  1. AznLzyGuy says :


  2. khai123 says :

    Wnjoy the game live MAN!!! I wish I could be there

  3. heavenscrazygirl says :

    hahah 🙂 thanks for the comment about my car. yeah my dad convinced my mom to take it into the shop and they were like GET IT FIXED!!! so yeah 🙂 ITS DONE 🙂 yaay. i drive a honda 1992 LXold car. so parents didnt want to spend the money!

  4. UmWhat20 says :

    Go USC.  Its gonna be tough but they can do it.

  5. Anonymous says :

    Vince Young in yo’ face baby!!!

  6. masterpkf says :

    too bad loren ;-p maybe another time

  7. heavz says :

    woopz kinda late.. but usc lost? big time?? it wasn’t just by 3 pts… vince young swept sc 😀

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