That’s how many miles “Devoted Dan” had on the clock when I parked him tonight.  There is some error involved because he rides on 17-inch wheels and tires (P215/45R-17) instead of his stock 16-inch shoes (P205/55R-16).  I will share some of the memories I have in our time together later.  Saturday, January 3, 2004 was the day I took delivery of him.  It’s definitely been a “great adventure” since that day!

Please be in constant prayer for our church’s Mexico missions team that will be returning to Ensenada from later today.  They will be returning Monday afternoon/evening.  The task set before them is to build a 2-story structure that will serve as classrooms for the Templo Cristiano de la Nueva Jerusalem.

Pray for their:
1) Preparation
2) Passion
3) Compassion
4) Physical well-being/safety

Pray also for:
1) Unity
2) Humility
3) Creativity/resourcefulness
4) Victory (FIGHT ON for ol’ JC!  FIGHT ON to victory!  FIGHT ON!!!)

Thanks to those who gave me feedback on the “series” I should start!  I think I will do both automobiles of the day and driving tips of the day depending on what mood I’m in or what I feel I need to say.  I probably won’t ever do both in the same entry, but who knows what could happen.

Today’s Driving Tip of the Day:

Know what the drive wheels on your vehicle are!

Front, Rear, or ALL wheels

This is a pretty elementary tip.  However, it is extremely important to know this for other tips that will follow.  Knowing what the drive wheels are your vehicle are will aid in knowing how your car will probably handle when driven on the edge of the performance envelope as well as things like installing snow chains on your vehicle.  If you don’t know what the drive wheels on your vehicle are, please ask me and provide me with the make and model of the vehicle you drive.

My sister, Leilani, is returning home to southern California on Monday!  It will be great to have her home again.  All of you who talk to her, please help me convince her she should move back here and forget living in Hawai’i!!!

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

4 responses to “”

  1. Anonymous says :

    How reliable has devoted Dan been?

  2. sarkie12 says :

    dude, i broke 40,000 miles recently too. we drive too much.

  3. UmWhat20 says :

    My car has nearly 200,000 miles on it.  However my car is much older than Dan, and much slower.

  4. ilovehorsepower says :

    Yes knowing the drive wheels are very important!! We have gotten kindof alot of snow he in MN lately. Last wednesday it was snowing and on the way to church we were driving in my sisters ’96 neon (5spd) we went in to the ditch. And stopped about 5 feet in front of a telephone pole. PTL!! And on the way home we started sliding again doing about 40 mph but this time it was atleast on a strait part of the road. I was impressed with my sisters self control, with small steering inputs, (Instead of major over correcting, my sisters are famous for that.)  but we werent pulling out of it so started urgently telling her to PUSH IN THE CLUTCH, PUSH IN THE CLUTCH. And she did and we pulled out of it just fine. PTL Because there was a car in front of us that we were getting closer and closer to and there was a car in the other lane coming at us so we couldnt go over there. Then of course my sister had lots of Q’s about it, so i had to explain all that to her. 

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