Tonight (Thursday night) on ESPN’s SportsCenter, they said UCLA Football was a PRETENDER for the national championship.

I am officially predicting that UCLA will LOSE this Saturday against the Oregon State Beavers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.  The Beavers are coming off a victory AT Cal last Saturday. (EDIT: I thought it was a road game for the Bruins.  Since it’s their homecoming game, they might have a shot.)

Having given up 40+ points in their last two games, even I could score on UCLA’s defense.  Their defense has more holes in it than a sponge!  Here’s a reminder of what I could do against their porous defense:

I can’t wait to see what Reggie Bush will do on them this year in the Coliseum!  Another somersault into the end zone?

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  1. udonoogen says :

    go bruins!  yeah yeah im just trying to antagonize you.  =)  actually i wouldnt mind them avenging the beavers for us.  man i cant believe we lost to the beavers.  sheesh.

  2. yutaka731 says :

    Top Three Pretenders1) UCLA – Wow, they beat a Kal team that is wishing that Aaron Rodgers stayed for his senior; Kal just choked it away. UCLA does not play Oregon this year and plays Kal and ASU at home. Their non-conference schedule is a joke – SDSU, Rice and an OU team that would not have a win if it wasnt for Adrian Petersen. 2) Texas Tech – I could throw for 500 in Mike Leach’s system. They will lose by at least two TDs this week against UT because TTU does not have a defense. I thought UCLA’ OOC schedule was bad, but playing SHSU and Indiana St is just unexcusable.3) Alabama – They play a hate game this week versus Tenn, which I think they will get past, but ending the year hosting LSU and at Auburn is just too much. If they can get past that, they would still have to play Georgia in the SEC championship game.Contenders (4)1) USC – enough said2) Texas – I am still not very impressed with Texas because if OSU had a compenent head coach, they would have a loss already. If they played in a conference with ranked teams and not such a soft, local OOC schedule, we would see their real mettle. All that said, they have a great defense and Vince Young as college QB is great.3) VA Tech – Special teams, defense, Marcus Vick, Mike Imoh, and Beemer – what else do you need to know? They still have to beat FSU and Miami, but they are up to the challenge.4) Georgia – Only have to win the next two games to win the SEC East, and they only have to beat an overrated Florida team in JAX and Auburn at home. Shockley is definitely more athletic that Greene, and their D is stellar.

  3. sarkie12 says :

    meanie. that’s the best come back i have. you speak too soon, my friend. go bruins!

  4. yoshi329 says :

    i want ucla undefeated when they play sc.  makes for a bigger showdown at the end of the year.

  5. jeremywu says :

    Oregon State has to play in the Rose Bowl – they’re not up in the PNW this week. Although, I’d like the Beavers to win, I picked ucla to win by a TD on my website. Go Beavers!

  6. SportyABG says :

    Too bad USC just got leapfrogged by TEXAS!!
    HOOK EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always proud to be a Texas Ex.

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