So much I really want to say, not nearly enough time to write it all…

On Saturday morning, I went to a meeting at Ted’s (Xanga: deadkau).  When I saw his eldest daughter, Samantha, come to her father after having just awakened, the following song immediately came to my mind.

I went to last night’s (Wednesday) Dodger$ game with the Seargeant family (Auntie Karen, Tim, Ally, and Nikki).  The Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Colorado Rockies 2-1 while my San Diego Padres won down in SD against the Houston Astros.  I wore my SD cap and jacket to the game.  I was surprised nobody voiced there displeasure with my choice to wear that apparel.  I was hoping to reply with, “Who’s in 1st place?”

I really wish I had kids.  There’s just a small problem of being married to a wonderful wife first.  It’s just a minor technicality, folks! (EDIT: I’m just kidding!)

To all the former First Chinese Baptist Church of Walnut high school seniors who have started their college adventures or will do so soon, I wish you all the best!  May you all FIGHT ON and make much of Jesus on your respective campuses as you live, study, work, and play for His glory alone!

Moment Made for Worshiping
by Steven Curtis Chapman
Lyrics copied and pasted from:

6:30 Monday morning
I’m here hiding in my bed
A song plays on my alarm clock
As I cover up my head
And somewhere in the distance
I remember yesterday
Singing “Hallelujah”
Full of wonder, awe, and grace
But now I’m just wondering
Why I don’t feel anything
At all

This is a moment made for worshiping
Cause this is a moment I’m alive
This is a moment I was made to sing
A song of living sacrifice
For every moment that I live and breathe
This is a moment made for worshiping

When I’m praying with my children
As they’re running off to school
When I kiss my wife good morning
Just to say I still love you
When I’m feeling loved and happy
When I’m feeling all alone
When I’m failing to remember
All the love that I’ve been shown
Every beat of my heart
Is another new place to start
To know


Every single beat of my heart
Is another new place to start
Right now


From the rising of the sun
To the setting the sun
The name of the Lord is worthy to be praised

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

6 responses to “”

  1. LiLtO says :

    mabel got a teachign job on wednesday and she starts school today! 🙂

  2. flowerence says :

    does cleaveland rock? haha… still figuring that out. But then again.. since I am in cleveland.. it HAS to rock! I’ll look out for that baseball card for you. take care.

  3. lilangeling says :

    just a random comment – not even a small problem, nor technicality… but an intricate part of the more-than-we-can-imagine plan that God has for you… ^_^ sometimes makes me excited for the future and by God’s grace, all the more content in the now cuz we have Christ (Ps.16:11). And as the creed w/a truthful change, says – Q: “What is the chief end of man?”/A: “To glorify God [by enjoying] Him forever.” =D persevere, bro.

  4. Anonymous says :

    What about adoption? Problem solved. That is, you’re having kids for the right reasons.

  5. jennipuhpark says :

    I really wish I had kids.
    I really wish I was a grandma.
    In GOd’s perfect time.

  6. deadkau says :

    thank you for sharing the song.

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