This is from my friend/ex-roommate (summer 2002), Joe‘s Xanga.  Enjoy!


Friday, August 19, 2005

This was a phone conversation I had with a telemarketer that called our office today.  Imagine the person (TM) speaking with a heavy Indian accent:

Me: Thank you for calling Position Research, how may I help you?
TM: Hello, I am calling to update the business listing for your company, Is your address 314 W 3rd Ave, Escondido, CA 92025?
Me: Yes.
TM: Is your phone number 760-480-8791?
Me: Yes it is.
TM: Can I ask your name?
Me: My name is Joe.
TM:  What is your last name, Joe?
Me: My last name is Mama.
TM:  Excuse me, is that M-A-N-A?
Me: No, its M-A-M-A… Jo Mama.
TM:  Thank you sir.  What is your position at the company?
Me:  Foosball Player.
TM:  No sir, what do you do at the company?
Me:  I play foosball.
TM:  Sir, can I speak to your manager?
Me:  No, he’s not here right now.
TM:  Thank you sir, I will call back another time.

*Hangs up*


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4 responses to “”

  1. Anonymous says :

    that’s pretty funny!

  2. gmonkey says :

    You are my new anti-work hero.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Pretty funny, I hate telemarketers. Just tell them that they’re calling a cell phone number and they would stop. Some kind of law that telemarketers can’t call cell phones.

  4. Miss_Oblivion says :

    haha.  i’m sitting here chuckling to myself…

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