Should I stay or should I go?

I received one letter last Saturday and one yesterday (Wednesday) from the City of Los Angeles to report for interview.  When I “interviewed” for my current position in mid-May, I told my dealership’s service director that I would commit for at least a couple years knowing that our new dealership’s facility was under construction and should be “all that and a bag of chips” (or “the bee’s knees” for you slightly older folks).  My gut feeling tells me to let those two letters come and go since I want to be a man of my word and know that where I am right now is a place where God can use me to be a light for Him, not that I can’t shine for Him elsewhere though.  What do ya’ll think?  I know I’m not making much money, but I’m pretty happy, the commute is decent for the most part, and I’m still close enough to home and attend and serve at First Chinese Baptist Church of Walnut (shameless plug –  I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Devoted Dan (my name for the car I drive) 1, tire tread 0
Last Friday night, I filled up at the Chevron on Brea Canyon Rd and Golden Springs Rd after church.  After I tanked up, I got on the 60 East and headed toward the Applebee’s on Valley Blvd and Grand Ave. where I would meet up with some people from church for a late dinner.  I figured it’d be quicker to take the freeway than the surface streets since the 60 East on-ramp was right next to the gas station.  So I’m driving along and at the 60 East-57 North interchange, I try to make my way over to the right lane to exit at Grand Ave. (thank you, Caltrans, for your ingenuity).  After thinking I had won that “battle,” as soon as I got into the right lane for the Grand Ave. exit, I saw a tire tread right in front of me.  I’d say I had about half a second before I would hit it (I was travelling between 60 and 70 mph if I remember correctly).  In my mind I thought, “OH @&#$!  I’m going to hit it!”  Knowing there wasn’t much else I could do, I tried my best to center my car over the tread and ran over it.  Immediate after hitting it, I didn’t know if I had sustained any cosmetic damage, but the car felt all right after that.  When I parked the car at Applebee’s, I took out my flashlight and surveyed the front bumper, inner wheel liners, and front underside for any damage.  There didn’t appear to be any!  I was relieved to say the least!  My co-worker’s 2004 BMW 330i (E46 chassis) sedan with the performance package (option code ZHP) suffered a 6-10 inch crack on the left front portion of his front bumper and the driver side fog light ring fell out when he hit a tire tread a few months ago.  Last month, another person in the sales department with a 2005 BMW 330Ci with the performance package suffered a broken passenger side fog light and a part inside the passenger headlight assembly was jarred enough to break after meeting a tire tread up close.  Could Dan’s toughness and durability be attributed to its rally-inspired design?  I don’t know to be honest.  That probably would have little to do with it.  I’m just glad “it takes a beating and keeps on ticking” to borrow Timex’s old motto.

Softball ended last Wednesday night.  My team lost by 2 runs.  They also lost the Wednesday night I was in Ensenada.  Thus, we were eliminated from the playoffs (where all teams play, even ones with losing records like ours…sounds like the NBA Eastern Conference, doesn’t it? hehehe).  I was the tying run on first base when the batter behind me flied out to right center.  I went 0-for-1 with 1 run scored by grounding into a fielder’s choice and later scoring, and I was walked and left on-base twice.  It was fun playing this summer!  However, I now can go to the batting cages again and hit balls thrown in a straight line at over 80 mph!

How driving school should be (broadband only, I think Microsoft Windows Media Player as well):
Anyone out there know how I can save this AWESOME video clip to my hard disk drive?

College football season is coming soon!  GO TROJANS!  BEAT THE (Hawai’i) WARRIORS!!!  FIGHT ON!!!

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  1. yutaka731 says :

    I think you should go for the interview. As you mentioned, the money is not so great. I know money is the not the end all of anything, but if you stay at your current job, how do you expect to move out on your own? On top of that, there’s no guarantees in life. I mean there’s no guarantee that you will keep your current job, there’s no guarantee you will get another chance at another job and there’s no guarantee you will actually land that job with the city. I think that you will learn a lot more about the position when you go in for the interview. You will find out more about the position and the people/environment you will be working with/in. Bottom Line: Your company knows your over-qualified for your current job and I am sure it will be easy to find a replacement for you should you land the job with the city.

  2. kermee314 says :

    Nice.  My Acura TL hit a tire tread on the I-15 to Vegas, when the SUV 2 cars in front of me had a blowout.  I had just a tiny ding or two — hardly noticeable.  I guess our Japanese cars are built pretty tough!
    And Fight on, SC!  
    BTW, I might come by and visit FCBC Walnut sometime soon.  A lot of factors seem to be leading me in that direction;  we’ll see.  🙂

  3. ewokhi says :

    hey now, UH is my team!

  4. alexander_to says :

    go SC. in regards to JOB.  Be a man of your word and let your instinct and wisdom guide you in this decision. 

  5. cowman says :

    I think most employers expect you to move on after a while. At least interview and see what happens.

  6. udonoogen says :

    an interview could not hurt. you don’t have anything to lose except a few hours. plus you’ll be a little more relaxed during the interview itself since you’re not putting your eggs all in one basket. thats my 2 cents tho.oh btw … GO BEARS! =) SC game is sold out. i have extra general admission tix. hit me up soon if you’re interested. i love college football season. cheers!

  7. brentlicious says :

    Awesome clip! I like Peta’s sunny outlook on driving, even during this season. So that’s the new airplane heritage look for Subie. As for saving the clip, try using a screenshot video capture software. I may try it on my Mac later.It would be cool to try out your WRX sometime. My wife and I test drove the five door WRX recently, but it was an auto. Very nice car! Thanks for sharing your Mexico testimony. Very honest and inspiring.My mom went to SC, so go SC!

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