My family friend, Jermaine Ma, is trying to get a softball team put together for the JEMS softball tournament on Saturday, August 20, 2005.  Please let me (or her – if you need her contact information, just ask) know ASAP if you are interested.  We need both ladies and gentlemen!

UPDATE: My team lost by four tonight (Wednesday night).  We tied the game in the top of the 6th inning and then it got away from us.  I went 1-for-2 with a single, groundout, 1 run scored, and a walk.  Defensively, I played first base the entire game.  It seemed like we could get the first out of a half-inning without too much difficulty, but couldn’t get the rest of ’em as easily.  Next Wednesday night my team has a bye.  It’s good to be playing something again.  I also slid going into third and home when I was on the bases the first time after my single, so I got to get dirty too…twice!   Don’t worry though, I now have some baseball pants to get dirty in so I won’t be tearing up my right shin like I have in years past.  I also go with the old school high socks as well for the classic, traditional look.  Please pray that I can be a light to this team and have it be part of my ongoing ministry lifestyle.


I’m trying to round up people to go go-karting with me at dromo1 in Orange ( on Saturday, June 25th.  It’s just north of the intersection of Katella and Main.  The cost of it is $25 for one race.  However, for all of my high school seniors, I’m treating if you would like to feel the thrill!  Please let me know ASAP if you’re interested.  You’re also more than welcome to invite anyone you think may be interested as well!  There’s a chili’s across the street that we can try to get dinner afterward.

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  1. Strikezone says :

    I’m interested. I really miss playing.

  2. TenThousandPoetWarriors says :

    so what does the book contain? glad to see you enjoying the national pastime!

  3. lakerfan4eva says :


  4. edseaver says :

    Great Site! Where can I go to get Christian music for xanga. Thanks.
    Ed Seaver

  5. SportyABG says :

    Awww…I wish I could go go-karting with you guys!!! Hope things are goin well with ya! I”ll be in LA in August. We’ll hafta hang out. 🙂

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