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Calling all engineers!

What I’m about to describe has been bugging me a little bit lately.  Is there any significant benefit to mounting an automobile brake caliper to the rear of the brake disc (also known as “rotor”) versus the front of it.  I think the former is more aesthetically pleasing that the latter.  However, I would like to know which design is more functional, if either of them are.  Then again, Formula 1 race cars have the caliper mounted at the bottom of the rotor for a lower center-of-gravity I suppose.

Some examples of the caliper mounted at the rear of the brake disc (Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan)

Right front brake caliper and rotor

Right rear brake caliper and rotor

Some examples of the brake caliper mounted to the front of the rotor (Nissan 350Z Track Model)

Nissan 350Z Track Model with Brembo brakes – left front brake caliper and rotor (picture from Zeckhausen Racing – www.zeckhausen.com, a long-time Pacific BMW Parts Department customer  )

Right front Brembo™ brake caliper and rotor

StopTech™ right front brake caliper and rotor

Here’s my reasoning, if you’re braking, the weight is being shifted forward and thus more stress would be placed on the caliper if it were mounted at the front of the rotor.  However, would this also provide increased friction and stopping power?  The Subaru Impreza WRC rally car has the front caliper mounted at the rear of the front brake disc and the rear caliper mounted at the front of the rear brake disc (See here – Warning: photograph is about 2.86 MB).

On a different note, I joined my co-worker’s Wednesday night softball team.  We will be playing on Wednesday nights at Barnes Park usually in the later games.  We had our first practice tonight (Tuesday night).  I had a good number of balls pop out of my outfielder’s baseball glove.  The team manager said my glove’s web is probably too soft.  I’m pretty rusty too.  Although I got some good swings in when I went to the batting cage last week to brush up.  The thing I hate about slow-pitch softball is waiting for the pitch to come down and having to generate the power myself when hitting the ball.  In baseball, the pitcher already supplies so much of the power for you.  Remember kids, the harder he or she throws, the farther the ball goes (provided you make contact with it first).  Playing softball also screws up my baseball hitting timing royally.  Hopefully, I won’t get too messed up.  First game is tonight (Wednesday night) at 9:30 PM at Barnes Park in Monterey Park.  I’m excited to play again and get dirty!

The downside is I don’t know how many of the summer high school Wednesday night small groups I’ll be able to make.  Our team might is pretty tight on numbers right now, and having me there as a body helps.  It also is a great opportunity for me to meet new people who may share similar interests (softball/baseball) but may have different beliefs and values.  Hopefully, I’ll get to know them a little bit better as the season progresses.  I already gave one fellow a huge bruise on his right inner thigh on the first pitch I hit in batting practice which was a line drive right at him.   I hope he’ll be all right and can still walk okay over the next few days.

It’s time to get out there and play ball!  Go get ’em!  God bless you guys and gals!

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  1. sup_cuz says :

    from what ive read the placement is just for different leverage. but im not sure which is more effective. bigger brakes do not equal shorter stopping distances though. they are for more heat dissapation so there is less chance of pad fade or fluid boil. personally, i do not know since i havent upgraded to bigger brakes. BUT better tires, pads, and fluid make a huge difference IMHO.

  2. Strikezone says :

    Can’t help with your question, but glad you are able to get out there and play some ball.

  3. JsprZ says :

    hmm i havent heard about which setup is better, but just by weight I think it’d be better to place the calipers towards the middle of the car…not like it would make that much of a difference tho =P also (a shoot in the dark) when the calipers first bite, the force from the rotors go upwards on the car when placed behind the axle..perhaps helping to keep the front of the car up and back down (in the rally wrx). haha not sure…interesting observation.

  4. rice4krxst says :

    I love the picture of the 350Z. hey man, its awesome that you’re out there playing some ball. I actually played a little bit a couple days ago…let me know if you want to go to the batting cages with me!

  5. rice4krxst says :

    oh yeah! its so funny that you blogged on the “baby got book!” I was transferring all my files to my new laptop, and I must have saved it onto my computer…and forgotten about it! Anyways, it gave me a good laugh! Christian brothers can’t deny!

  6. Anonymous says :

    yeay for MPK.. =]

  7. erickyloh says :

    hahaha baby got book…a classic 🙂

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