Ryan and Lisa’s wedding on Sunday was BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME!  What was a most pleasant surprise was that they made contributions to Compassion International on behalf of every guest!  That’s an idea I may have to ask them if I can “copy/steal” for my own special day.

I had a somewhat tough day yesterday (Tuesday)…

1) Left my ATM card in the outdoor ATM of LA Federal Credit Union on 300 S. Glendale.  I went to during my lunch break.  I didn’t realize it until after 5 PM yesterday when I replayed in my head that I don’t remember getting my receipt and card.  No unfamiliar transactions have been made with it yet (Praise the Lord!).  I doubt someone will be able to figure its PIN out and no, it’s not as easy as the Spaceballs air lock combination.  I’ll need to call my credit union this (Wednesday) morning and try to get it taken care of.

2) When I came back to my car after work, the car that parked behind me parked with its front bumper still touching my car’s rear bumper.  Its front license plate driver side corner was pressed against my car’s rear bumper where the license plate area is.  I don’t think it left too much of a mark.  I was so tempted to retaliate (I thought about just kicking the old early 1990’s Honda Accord), but I figured if I did something stupid like that, it would come back to bite me in the butt.  Because if the driver of that vehicle has any reason to suspect me combined with the fact that I street park everyday, my car would be an easy target for many worse things.  So I guess I’ll just “suck it up” and go on with life.

3) Close call below

I was traveling South at about 35 mph on Russell Ave. between Newmark Ave. and Graves Ave. on the way home tonight when a Honda Element made a sudden right onto the street in front of me!  I guess he didn’t see me through the parked cars on the side of the street?  He should’ve if he’s in a “high and mighty” SUV (www.esuvee.com)!  He also didn’t look left, right, and then left again!  That last part is very important!  I saw the back of his head as he began his sudden pull out.  He should’ve crept out so I could at least see him and so he could give himself more time to see traffic.  Thank God Russell Ave. isn’t a heavily traversed street otherwise Devoted Dan (a.k.a. “Double D” – my car) and me would’ve been toast.  If there would’ve been a car traveling North on Russell, i would’ve had to hit it, the Element pulling out, or a parked car because they is no way I would’ve been able to stop in that short distance.  The evasive action I took was to swerve left into the other lane and quickly back into the Southbound lane.  I honked my horn quick and short too, but by the time I was doing that, I was already going around the Element.  I did this all with just my left hand too since I was just cruising along at the time and only had my left hand on the wheel.  I better make a mental note to myself for the future when I’m traving along Russell.  I probably will harbor a grudge against all Honda Element drivers from now on as well! j/k!

Right after the near miss (why do people call it that?  A near miss is a hit, no?  A near hit would imply a miss, right?), er, close call and when I got home, I thought about how my seemingly rough/tough day paled in comparison to the difficult lives countless people are living in the rest of the world day in and day out.

All of you out there in Xanga-land (yes, YOU!), let’s try to keep things in perspective when we have these rough ‘n’ tough days!  There are so many people out there in the world who would easily thing what we “endure” is a cakewalk/walk in the park.  May we continue to have God’s heart for all people and strive to reach Every Single One.

Here’s one way you can help:

For a little over $1 a day, you can make a huge difference in a little boy or girl’s life, as well as his or her family’s.  Would you please consider and listen to anything God may be saying to you and putting on your heart to help those who cannot help themselves.  After all, we were and still are helpless and hopeless with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible and all things new!

You’re listening to “Every Single One” by Geoff Moore and Ben Glover.

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9 responses to “”

  1. Anonymous says :

    wow! what a day. yeah, praise God that no one used ur ATM card – that would be a messy thing. I hope that whoever found it will be honest about it. Honda Elements look ugly.

  2. sup_cuz says :

    glad that you are safe. i like the background pic ; ] yup ryan and lisa’s wedding was awesome!

  3. Strikezone says :

    What a rough day. I recently taught on James 1 regarding trials. Check out the first few verse in chapter 1.

  4. Alex115 says :

    Muhahaha, i’m not listening to every single one… if i’m on MOZILLA FIREFOX! Yay to no xanga music

  5. udonoogen says :

    you know ATMs suck cards back up (eat them) if they havent been taken in a minute or two. if you left yours in the machine it may have done just that. i’m on mozilla firefox too … and on dialup … so no music for me either. =)

  6. Anonymous says :

    that would suck if this happened… Sabaru

  7. NearyHou says :

    i agree with alex!! muahaha for mozilla firefox i love it tooo! it saves my ear a lot of trouble! sorry loren.

  8. NearyHou says :

    oh yeah i life geoff moore too, i remember when i was still curious about christianity josh was the who encouraged me by giving me some great christian worshipie music. and guess who i first heard of all people?? it’s your pal geoff moore!

  9. NearyHou says :

    man, i meant to say “like” gr. sorry for the many posts!

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