I miss Geoff Moore.

Yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday) when I had some time to sit around and reminisce about some of the times I had with him over the years.

Some highlights

-Febraury 13, 1999 – Picking Geoff, Roscoe Meek (formerly of The Distance…as in Geoff Moore & The Distance), and Geoff’s manager at the time from Los Angeles International Airport with Jerry Tom using my family’s van for the True Love Waits rally at Six Flags Magic Mountain

-June 2000 – Met Geoff and Roscoe again at Youth For Christ’s DCLA 2000 Youth Evangelism conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I gave Geoff a CUTCO fishing knife he said he still uses to this day!  He said it’s great!  The next time I see him (I don’t know when that will be), I’m going to try to give him a CUTCO catalog.

– May 26, 2002 – I saw Geoff and Roscoe at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA (near Sacramento).  I was able to introduce my mom and sister to him that day.

-July 2003 – Picking Geoff and his guitarist, Dana Weaver (formerly of the original Smalltown Poets and the original Sonicflood), from Sacramento (International?) Airport and selling Geoff’s merchandise at his DCLA 2003 booth.  It was totally fun hanging out with the guys!  I best remember picking and dropping them off at the airport, having breakfast with them and Danny Oertli (great solo artist www.dannyoertli.com), and working Geoff’s table with Dana and a few other volunteers.

On a different note, how about those FIRST PLACE (w00t!!!) San Diego Padres and California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)?!   The Chicago Cubs haven’t gotten things in gear yet, but Mark’s been pitching pretty well lately only to receive some “no decisions.”  He takes the hill (the pitcher’s mound) today (Sunday) against the impressive Chicago White Sox.

In closing, I will dedicate this song out there to those of you who are my friends!  I’m definitely not the coolest or most popular or socialable/gregarious guy around, but I really do appreciate each and every one of you.  The song is “Thanks to You” off of Geoff’s 1999 self-titled solo album.  It’s a duet sung by him and some guy named Steven Curtis Chapman.  So to all of you out there, thanks to you and all thanks and praise to God!!!

Thanks to You
I’ve been picked up when I was low
And I never have been left alone
I know it’s true thanks to you
And I have had my burdens shared
There’ve been valleys that I have been carried through
Thanks to you

So I won’t let another moment slip away
Right here, right now
I’ve got to stop and say

Thanks to you
I learned to laugh a little bit harder
Thanks to you
I never cry alone
Thanks to you
I know what it means to have a friend that’s true
Thanks to you

I remember all the walks
And all the crazy things I got talked into
Thanks to you
And even now I am amazed
When I think of all the ways God’s voice came through
Thanks to you

Through all the thick and thin and places in-between
We have been side-by-side
That is why you hear me singing


Thanks to you
For never giving up
Thanks to you
For sometimes giving in
Thanks to you
For always listening

Thanks to you

Steven: Thanks to you.
Geoff: No, no.  Thanks to you.
Steven: No.  I insist, Geoff.  Thanks to you.
Geoff: All right.  Thanks to me!
Both (laughter)

Thanks to you
I know what it means to have a friend that’s true

Last Chorus
Thanks to you
I learned to laugh a whole lot harder
Thanks to you
I never cry alone
Thanks to you
I know what it means to have a friend that’s true
Thanks to you

Thanks to you

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

5 responses to “”

  1. DEAD_ED_WALKING says :

    when i think of geoff moore, the one song that replays in my head is ‘Listen to our Hearts’

  2. Anonymous says :

    you are one hardcore fan indeed!

  3. JsprZ says :

    wow your knowledge of the racing world far exceeds anyone i know! i think the real LeMan would cost just a bit more haha..like the CLK-GTR road car. I dont know Geoff Moore but he seems to have had a large impact in your life =) Hope you’re doing well. It’d be nice to catch up sometime.

  4. jwchang221 says :

    whoa…didn’t know u had such a connection with geoff moore. i’m doing well…hope you are too. Go Padres! 🙂

  5. jennipuhpark says :

    CUTCO + FCBC Walnut, ahh what a relationship

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