I decided to give this a whirl after seeing Tiff‘s hilarious result!  I wish Los Angeles was somewhere on my result.  After all, I wish they all could be California girls!  j/k!  I LOVE L.A. except for the Laker$ and Dodger$ (sorry, Jonathan, that is the way I must spell them)!  I’m 1/16 Hawaiian so Honolulu isn’t too bad other than the fact that it’s extremely humid and on the small island of O’ahu which doesn’t have enough things for me to do (no professional sports or uber-awesome college teams or major race tracks).  San Diego is AWESOME (Go Padres!)!  I lived there the summer of 2002.  I thought it got a little too chilly during even the summer nights.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Honolulu
65% Atlanta
65% San Diego
60% Austin
60% Denver

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

7 responses to “”

  1. Anonymous says :

    60 honoluluatlanta, vegas, la, san diego… all 55haha…

  2. to_be_a_Proverbs_31 says :

    thanks.how are things with you and your youth group?Hope all’s well.~thais

  3. ewokhi says :

    yay Honolulu!!

  4. lakerfan4eva says :

    I got 65% Honolulu Portland 65% SD 55% Atlanta and 55% LOS ANGELES sorry boy … no girls for you! btw… you love LA.. meaning you LOVE the LA lakers and LA Dodgers… woowoo!

  5. SportyABG says :

    Austin made your list?!?! That’s awesome!! I love Austin! You need to come visit sometime. Everybody loves it here when they come visit. It’s the best city in Texas. 🙂

  6. LiLsUpErGiRl says :

    Honolulu…it’s expected.

  7. lilangeling says :

    Cali girls, huh? =b Honolulu…it’d be nice to visit some day. heh, anyhow, persevere to know & savor our Lord more, and make Him known. 1 Sam. 12:20-24 (just went over it this week and so thought i’d share with you, too) =)

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