I got Geoff’s new albums in the mail today!  Check out what Geoff wrote in the liner notes!

EDIT (in response to Josh’s comment): Most of the songs are new renditions of older works Geoff had sung.  Six of the songs were written by Geoff and Steven Curtis Chapman.  Some of the newer songs were written with Joel Hanson (formerly of PFR – “pray for rain”) and Ben Glover.



A Word About “Every Single One.”

Today all over the world children are waiting for someone, someone to reach out and offer them a hand.  We may not be able to reach into those places, but Compassion International can.  Their reach is long and wide, like the love of Jesus they carry with them to hundreds of thousands of children everyday.  But millions more wait.  Jesus was poor.  You can still find Him there in the eyes of these children.  I invite you to do something you were created to do, reach out to a poor child in the name of Jesus.  Partner with Compassion, not only to provide bread, but to introduce the Bread of Life.  Not until just some are helped, but every single one.

Geoff Moore

As (fellow lefty) Keanu Reeves would say, “Whoa!”  AMEN!!!

Every Single One – Part I
1. Your Day
2. Good to Be Alive
3. Every Single One
4. Simple Heart
5. If You Could See What I See
6. A Friend Like You
7. That’s When I’ll Know I’m Home
8. This Is My Father’s World
9. Passionate Man
10. Only A Fool

Every Single One – Part II
1. Every Single One
2. Captured
3. The Vow
4. Listen To Our Hearts
5. Heart and Soul
6. Home Run
7. Foundations
8. That’s What Love Will Do
9. The Everlasting
10. When All Is Said and Done

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  1. Anonymous says :

    are all of the songs new? or just recompiled into this album?

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