Thank You, God, that there is no need to explain!  We remember You and what You did on the cross for us, Jesus, especially this weekend.  Thank You for forgiving us of our sin and reconciling us to the Father.  Holy Spirit, fall fresh on us.  Saddle up your horses!!!

No Need To Explain
Words and music by Geoff Moore & The Distance
from the album “Threads” (¬©1997 ForeFront Records)


(Verse One)

It was aopen and shut case
was guilty asin
There was blood omhands
was waiting tbcondemned


You get what you pay for
And you pay for what you do
How could the Judge btalking tme
When He looked down and said
“You’re free”


And there inneed to explain
And there inothing you could ever say
To change the way I feel for you


(Verse Two)
How can this btrue
What kind oplace ithis
Where the guilty are forgiven
Where the blind can see
And losers win
And slaves gfree at will



There inneed to explain
And there inothing wcould ever say
To change the way He feels
Where there are debts that have been paid
And there’s a stone that has been rolled away
To say there inneed


Hurry, hurry
Drop your stuff, grab your friends
Take everyone wcan
Together, we’ll find mercy for all
We’ll walk, we’ll run, we’ll crawl


Unconditional, there’s a word that seems sforeign
Unbelievable, but undeniable, inconceivable
And yet strue


There inneed texplain
And there inothing wcould ever say
To change the way He feels
And there are debts that have been paid
And there’s a rolled stone aaempty grave
To say there inneed
No need texplain

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

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