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Crisis Updates

A world in need

Due to your generous gifts to the tsunami disaster relief fund, Compassion has raised more than $1 million. Based upon Compassion’s damage assessments and proposals from our country staff, we feel we are adequately funded to carry out our disaster relief and recovery efforts. Again, thank you for your generous contributions to this effort.

At any given point in time, there are crises occurring in the world that place people at risk or in need. Occasionally, those affected are Compassion-assisted children, workers and families situated in or around a Compassion project.

For timely information on natural and man-made disasters that affect Compassion’s ministry to children around the world, check here often.

I had dinner with Steve tonight at church and then went to church prayer meeting after that.  Here’s some food for thought: Prayer requests will never cease to exist.  In my opinion, they are ever-increasing.  The people praying for these prayer requests, however, are few and never-increasing. 

<RANT>Yet why does prayer meeting attendance STINK like the Oklahoma Sooners football team did on the night of January 4, 2005?!  I’m fed up!!!  I’m not being a legalist here.  Going to prayer meeting does not make a person a better Christian.  But it sure does allow them to pray for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  And a good number of people (not all) whose prayer requests we pray for aren’t willing to come out to intercede for others?  What gives?!  I think it simply isn’t a priority for people.  Please tell me what (WHAT?!) else could you be doing with your time on a Wednesday night once (only!) a month that could be more important that would keep you from coming regularly?  I can understand important family dinners or what have you on occasion, but every month?  Please.  This is especially for people who live close to our church.  Close as in less than 17.9 miles away like myself.  Can you honestly say that there are *better* things you could be doing with your time than joining with fellow believers to pray?  Well, like my old high school football coach use to say (please pardon my French), “Excuses are like ___holes; everyone has one and they stink.”</RANT>

In Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala, the author wrote the following (I couldn’t find my book.  Thanks, Steve!):

MAG3Y3 (12:05:09 AM): p. 28 “A minister from Australia (or perhaps it was New Zealand) happened to be present that morning-a rare occurence. I introduced him and invited him to say a few words.  He walked to the front and made just one comment:
MAG3Y3 (12:05:59 AM): “I heard what your pastor said. Here’s something to think about: “You can tell how popular a church is by who comes on Sunday morning. You can tell how popular the pastor or evangelist is by who comes on Sunday night.  But you can tell how popular Jesus is by who comes to the prayer meeting.”
GMooreFan1 (12:06:10 AM): yeah
GMooreFan1 (12:06:11 AM): bingo
MAG3Y3 (12:06:11 AM): And with that he walked off the platform.  That was all. I never saw him again.”

Friends, Trojans, and Xangans, lend me your ears and hearts.  A wise man (Steven Curtis Chapman) once sang:

Let us pray, let us pray
Everywhere in every way
Every moment of the day it is the right time
Let us pray without end
And when we finish start again
Like breathing out and breathing in
(Oh!) Let us pray

I watched what was left of Alias after I got home from prayer meeting.  I noticed for the second time tonight that Ron Rifkin (Sloane) is LEFT-HANDED!  That means Michael Vartan (Vaughn), Victor Garber (Jack Bristow), and Ron Rifkin (Sloane) are all left-handed!  No wonder the show is a smashing success!  Although it is now second fiddle to “24”!  Jack Bauer is the man!

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8 responses to “”

  1. lakerfan4eva says :

    🙂 good news from Compassion… but the thing is… does it take this kinda disaster for people to become more giving and actually wanna help?  it should happen throughout our lives (but also with our heart). Yah… prayer is way important :o)  so.. “let us pray”… we have a relationship with our Lord and Savior..He’s always there… why not talk to Him?…

  2. rice4krxst says :

    Amen! God looks favorably upon us LEFTIES.=) hey man, i’m so sold out to prayer. Because only through prayer, the strongholds of sin and apathy can be broken, and God will begin to move powerfully in our generation. We need a Third Great Awakening!Prayer meeting made me think of this quote by Hudson Taylor: “Move man, through God, by prayer alone.”

  3. Alex115 says :

    Wait, isn’t Ron Rifkin Jack Bristow?

  4. Alex115 says :

    haha, nevermind… yes… Prayer Mtgs…

  5. deadkau says :

    more God, more of his kingdom, more of his will,less us, less of this culture, less of my will.only through reliance and submission to Dad in prayer.

  6. LiLtO says :

    thanks for sharing.  i miss you very much mr. loren. we gotta catch up sometime =)

  7. DEAD_ED_WALKING says :

    nice insight, Scooby

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