by Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman

This life I’m living
I’m so quick to call it mine
These days, these hours
The moments we call time

But every beat of my heart
And every breath I take
Are ones that You have given
Reminding me that always

For You I was created
To sing salvation’s song
For You have bought me with Your blood
To You, I do

Only a Savior would pay so great a price
How deep the love must be
That would make such a sacrifice
How could I ever thank You
What could I ever say
Except that I will follow
And with my life, I will proclaim

And every beat of my heart
And every breath I take
Are ones that You have given
Reminding me that always

Good two-hour episode of “24” tonight!  For those of you who don’t watch it, you don’t know what you’re missing.  It will be on Monday nights at 9 PM (regular one-hour episodes) this season.  It’s been cool watching it with my dad the last two nights.  During one of the commercial breaks, he talked to me about choosing a home/property.  The topic came up after seeing the slides that the recent rains have caused.  He talked about avoiding getting property on a hill built on a fill instead of a cut.  Anyway, maybe “24” can end up becoming the first real father-son time we’ve ever had on a regular basis.  Who knows what may come from this?  Your prayers would be appreciated!

I can’t seem to find my USC beanie anywhere!    I was pretty sure I brought it home from Jerry’s house Friday night/Saturday morning.  I miss it because it’s cold where I work!  The rain doesn’t help.  I wore a blue and white USC alternate color cap today.  Those colors actually go well with my work clothes though – blue pants and white, buttoned, collared, long-sleeve shirt!

It’s never too late to show the Compassion God’s shown us!

Current thoughts: 2 Corinthians 4

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God Follower, husband, father, USC Trojan alumnus, Mazda employee

2 responses to “”

  1. aznrelientkgrl says :

    hi loren. haha i’m surprised you’ve put up with my cousin for so long [samm] anyways see you around at church

  2. to_be_a_Proverbs_31 says :

    that is such a beautiful chapter in the Bible. Most of it’s underlined in my Bible. So encouraging and yet convicting at the same time. Good stuff. I hope 24 is a gateway for a good relationship with your father. That would be awesome. Relationships are so hard. God bless. ~thais

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